Saturday, December 19, 2009


It's amazing how much you can accomplish just 3 days out of class. With nothing breathing down my neck for a few weeks, I've been a happy little busybody. Today I bundled up in thermals, long underwear, corduroy, and woolens, and walked down to the park to snip some greens for my wreath. Needless to say, it was gorgeous. What I love about snowstorms is the rare chance you get to pretend you live in some sort of vacuum. Walking back, humming "Noel" to myself and cradling my trimmings, I couldn't see more than a hundred feet in front of me. There were no loud, polluting roads just over the hill, no thumping bass, no ugly man-made drainage stream, no sirens, no trash, no people. Just that lovely shush of snow falling, a Christmas carol, and the burning of snowflakes on my red cheeks. Here's the finished product-

You should see my sore, sap-covered fingers.

I wrote my first knitting pattern- just some simple mittens but it's a start! I finished them up last night watching "A Christmas Story" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

In fancy Noro, no less!

I'm also catching up on some much-needed rat snuggling

He's catching up on naughtiness.

And I've prettied up the house!

Next on the list- spiced almonds!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Background Noise

What I love most about old photos is the people who didn't know they were being immortalized.

(Best for last)

All from

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stone Soup

Recently, my frustration in my artwork (and my life in general) is stemming from my attempts to combine the following-

And while this all makes perfect sense to me, I can't seem to articulate it to others without sounding like some sort of crazed baglady hepped up on goofballs, complaining about "kids these days" and the price of milk. Or I really only hit one or two connections, but people draw the rest of the story themselves, and it's completely inaccurate and no one is satisfied. Or worse, I just sound stupid.

As usual, Herriman seems to sum it up wisely-

(Yucky photo with the gloves and goo in a jar is from this interesting article-

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nov 18

When do you get time to do what you feel you need to do?

When do you get the time to enjoy what you know to be important?

Why do we allow living to be relegated to the weekend?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Introduction

I'm Laura

I like cooking

I like my rat

I like quiet corners

I like museums

I'm an art student

I like sweet little drawings

I like rich colors

I like making things

I like old comics

I like old music

I like old art

I like old anything

I like finding little surprises

I like making lists

I don't normally spend this much time thinking about things I actually like.